Types of Online Class in Distance Learning

Most of us, adults and children, get education. Some of them attend the traditional classes. It is traditionally in face-to-face settings. They have to come in specific place during the periodical time. However many are choosing distance learning as options to get educated. Formerly distance learning was believed to be a lower quality. Today, distance learning courses are accepted and even required in some cases. The courses are commonly held in three learning options. These options to get class in distance learning is due to the revolution of Internet as the important functional communication.

1. Online Learning
The instructor and participants log onto their own computers at a time when it is convenient for each individual. This time may be different for each participant. The instructor posts materials onto a classroom website for students to read. There may be audio files or videos for students to listen to or watch. Each student works independently. There are often discussion forums where students and instructors can interact, asking questions or posting comments. Some websites have a chat option where the class or a group within the class can meet online and have a discussion. Online classes have become popular at the college level and their use is growing at the high school level.

2. Web Conferencing
Web conferences take place over the Internet. The instructor and the participants log onto their own computers at the same time. Audio may be transmitted over the computer's speakers or through a telephone line. There is typically a slide presentation displayed on the screen. Participants are generally muted, so they are unable to contribute to discussion. However, there may be a box on the screen where they can type in their questions or comments. These are often used for corporate training sessions.

3. Video Conferencing
Video conferences allow the instructor and the students to meet at the same time at different places. There may be multiple sites where students are located. The students watch the instructor on a monitor or television screen, while the instructor can see the students. Sound may come through speakers or over the telephone. These sessions are interactive and allow the participants to ask questions and interact with others. This type of learning is used in children's classrooms, colleges and corporate training sessions.

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