FreeStudy about Technological Tools for School Reform

There are many courses available over Internet which is offered free of charge. However choosing which most suitable courses is not easy. Event finding which is offered free and paid is sometime confusing, Bellow is the free course material to study about technological tool.

The course for Technological Tools for School Reform was initially a for-credit course taught to graduate students at MIT during fall 2005. But we can access this non-credit course for free with online way.

The course covers the national school reform controversy and the impact of technology on the debate. we will research projects related to technology and school reform and study the challenges to implementing changes.

Furthermore, we will complete a project that uses technology to develop new materials and activities to improve learning at schools. The course provides a specific school for us to use as a reference for the project.

Again we may download five examples of student projects. A list of reading materials is provided which includes links to readings that are available online.

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