Distance Learning History

Distance learning is the best choice for who has very limited access to the school basic requirement; physically coming orderly, and spending the time in certain period. Distance learning, formerly is held supported by post office which the course material is sent and submitted. To days distance learning is easily held by internet technology. This course is call online distance learning

Because this program is held though internet, some course is temporary. The worst some of them have undetectable existence. Today they are but they miss the next day. So be very careful before choosing one of them. However online distance learning is the possible thing when you are very busy or have limited physical moving. Then study can be done in your own home in your own time. That is very great for staying at home but earning the value and degree.

Firstly it was known that University of London gave the degree for this distance learning in 1858. In 1946, University of South Africa had this kind of distance learning. In 1974, the Open University was launched in Germany. Days by day distance learning has its popularity. To days when informative technology grows rapidly, distance learning reaches its peak
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Home as School

A school is the legal established institution. For this role, school needs two basic requirements; fixed time schedule and permanent place. Additionally school applies another requirements such as uniform and study period. Shortly school has anything in order. If any school society does not match such stuff, he may be dismissed. The question is how does education spread to everyone? What about the people who really have limited access to that school fixed requirement? If there is not alternative then there will be lots of uneducated people.
During this age, alternative educational institution has appeared to the surface. The term of homeschooling and distance learning have reached the popularity. Complementary they fill the untouchable spot from formal school institution.
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