How to choose a right Distance Learning Institute for a technical course

Pursuing a technical course from a good institute is always a daunting task, categorically when the programme is to be done through distance learning. Given the fact that there are a lot of fake set ups that claim to be accredited institutes it would be na├»ve to go seeking for admissions from the onset itself. Instead, the first priority that candidates should have is to do a comprehensive research on the background of that institute and enquire whether it has been accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or not. Without this official recognition, every technical degree obtained from that particular institute will be deemed ‘unethical' and ‘illegitimate' and will not be recognized anywhere.

Technical courses pursued through distance learning from institutes are a different ball game in comparison to a holistic arts course. Theoretical subjects might just be all about reading the assigned notes and appearing on the day of examination, but technical degrees require vocational training to make the student fully equipped in that domain qualifying the individual to scout for employment.

Factors such as weekend classes, regular faculty, appropriate infrastructure and requite training facilities are important to justify the worth of technical degrees as the absence of even one might have severe ramifications on the profile of the individual and also the credibility of the institute. Being well trained in the concerned vocation requires a comprehensive knowledge about all the connotations involved in that subject and suffices the requirements laid out by organizations.

It is equally imperative to fathom the timeline involved and plan accordingly as it may vary in the case of institutes with dissimilar setups. Regular assessments should be looked out for as distance education would imply that the candidate would be seldom attending classes due to which he/she might not be in sync with the current status of studies. Such assessments would help the individual in rectifying follies and filling out loopholes to enhance performance instead of succumbing to incompetence.

Finally, one should also care to enquire whether the institute offers any campus placements when the course concludes. Those pursuing the technical course through distance learning need not concede job opportunities to their counterparts in the regular format provided they are fully equipped.

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